Newsflare is a video marketplace that brings together the world’s media and members of the public who own great video, catering to the growing demand for eyewitness, social and trending video. Newsflare boasts a substantial community of video contributors and supplies video to news organisations, production companies and brands worldwide.



What is the BCMA?
The BCMA is the global industry body for branded content practitioners, run by practitioners, promoting best practice, sharing knowledge and growing the branded content industry.

What do we do?
We promote and grow the branded content industry in partnership with other relevant trade associations and industry groups, sharing best practice, researching, lobbying and managing events relating to our industry. We create the opportunity to connect with the leading experts in the branded content industry.

Why should anyone care?
Branded content is predicted to be at the heart of every marketing strategy, and there is growing evidence that there will be a significant shift in budgets to support it. However, there is still some confusion as to how to do it, who should do it and how it is measured. The BCMA is best placed to define what branded content ‘is’ and what ‘it isn’t’ and measure the effectiveness through its investment in research and proprietary tools.

The Drum Contributor Network

In a crowded marketplace you need a loud voice to get noticed. The Drum Contributor Network gives your business that voice (and a megaphone) through your very own content page hosted on, where you are the Editor and your business is the sole content contributor. 

Designed to mimic the design and format of The Drum’s widely read independent online content, The Contributor Network platform allows you to surface your own stream of content quickly and easily in a familiar format which reaches thousands of potential clients and brands. 
You can publish an unlimited number of news stories, insights, case studies, work and event information, and we provide the tools for you to share that content to your contacts through your social channels.
The Drum currently attracts over 1 million online readers a month from all over the world, and is Europe’s largest marketing media and advertising site. 

If you'd like to know more information about how The Drum Contributor Network can help your business get noticed by more potential customers contact Stephen Young at or +44 (0) 141 559 60 70

The Drum Network

The Drum Network is an organisation that helps marketing services agencies become more successful – by giving them access to the tools and platforms to build a higher industry profile and the business knowledge to increase their profits.

On one level, The Drum Network helps get its members on the radar, by giving them access to The Drum's on and offline channels; which include the UK's largest marketing website and the PPA Business Magazine of the Year, The Drum. On another level, it plugs them into our vast range of contacts, helping to facilitate peer-to-peer development and the honing of the key skills that are vital to winning in this fast moving industry.

If you'd like to know more information about The Drum Network, please get in touch with Naomi Taylor at or 01415596056.


TINT is a social media marketing platform that connects brands and fans into one social hub. Your hubs can live on-site or anywhere else with a screen like mobile, digital advertising, TV, interactive displays, digital billboards, and jumbotrons. Over 45,000 brands use and love us.